Life isn’t always as insta-perfect as you may think.

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I’ve seen a lot (especially in this past week) of people saying they’re taking social media detox’s whether its for the day or for the weekend, a family member I saw at the weekend has completely deleted his Facebook account, as he is sick of just mindlessly scrolling, and the majority have come away feeling a lot more positive for it.

Don’t get me wrong I LOVE social media, Instagram is my favourite as I love putting pictures up and seeing pictures of other peoples day – but I can see how it can affect you negatively, and I know it has done with me before. If you’re having a bad day and you see everyone else’s perfect pictures. You see a snapshot of someones life and assume it’s great and stress-free and everything is Instagram worthy or whether you see some of your friends out having fun and you get ‘fomo’ (fear of missing out’ .

It can consume a person. At the beginning of the year I suffered a miscarriage, and I found myself muting/unfollowing anyone that was pregnant or had a newborn baby, as I couldn’t help but feel jealous of their life – their life that I didn’t really know, and would just know them from an instagram handle and a picture of their new family. It was so unhealthy for me to think like that, and not only that but I felt sad that I couldn’t be happy for them. I had no idea about what was going on behind their Instagram feed, I didn’t know if they’d been trying for a baby for a while, or had also silently suffered a miscarriage.  It’s so easy to sit at your phone and scroll for god knows how long and feel negatively at what you don’t have/what you want and see others with it. But just know their life probably isn’t as perfect as you imagine and they just want to show the highlight of their day.

I saw a friend post a story today of a list of things that wouldn’t make the Instagram feed, and I found it so refreshing to see we’re all the same and all going through things that don’t get posted, even if they’re small little things  – so I thought I’d share. These are my little things that went a bit wrong today, and don’t get me wrong I appreciate they are silly little things, but some days the little things can be the last straw…

  • I left my contact lenses in too long on thursday, and now I can’t wear my lenses and have to keep giving myself eye baths.
  • I’ve cleaned up about 6 dog poo’s today from the house.
  • And then when I wasn’t looking she poo’d in our bedroom.
  • Since J has started back at school – he’s developed an attitude to rival a teenager, and we are constantly bickering.
  • I feel guilty for shouting at him, as I know i’m extra tired at the moment, and my patience is thin.

The point of this post isn’t to have a moan, or bash social media, although I do believe its always great to have a break from it, but to show that not everyone’s life is perfect, and it’s perfectly fine to not be fine. Everyone has off days, but they usually wouldn’t post about it, so you would never know it!




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