Why I fell in love with blogging

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I have now been blogging for about 2 years and even though I don’t always post on my schedule, I still love it now as much as I did then (If not more!) Here’s why…


I love writing! Probably the most obvious reason. English was always my favourite subject at school so it makes sense that I would continue writing in blog form. I love having the feeling of freedom writing gives me, whether it’d be about my general ramblings and thoughts or a place I’ve been to and wanting to share on here. I have always wanted to write a book too, so you never know maybe one day.



Again something I’ve loved for a while, I enjoy scouting out different locations for photos and I feel like I’ve improved so much since I started whether its landscape, food pictures or flat lays. I recently went out with Harrison to take some pictures of him for a blog post, and I loved shooting somebody else, which is not something I’m overly familiar doing but really enjoyed trying a different style of photography.

Friends: I have loved meeting and getting to know some amazing people through blogging. I was SO nervous going to my first event as I didn’t know anybody, but now I have a little circle of close friends that I see often and not just at blogging events – not only that but the majority of bloggers I have met are SO lovely, and it is so great being able to chat all things social media and photography with, plus no one moans when you want to stop and take a picture or understand the want to take photos of food before you tuck in! ha ha, sometimes it just looks too pretty and you need to get it for the gram!

Pictured from left to the right: Emma, Rachael, AK, Jaye, me, Ciara, Harrison, Emma & Louise

Events: The friends section is definitely a nice segway into this part as I wouldn’t have met them otherwise. Events are definitely not the reason I started blogging but such a lovely perk to it! I am very lucky to be invited along to some really cool places, and most of it is down to Emma who runs Bournemouth Bloggers. I am very thankful for this community as Emma organises so much for us, and holds a GREAT meetup. It has also given me a chance to see places I may not have been to before and be able to recommend to my family and friends and take them back myself.

Lastly Social Media: Something I feel quite necessary for the blogging network to get your work noticed, but i love it and everything about it (minus the trolls of course!) I LOVE instagram at the moment, sharing photos of events, linking my blog posts on my stories and connecting and scrolling through other bloggers pictures. I feel like I know so many other bloggers because I watch their instagram stories so regularly, I find it crazy that I’ve never met them.


I hope you’ve enjoyed my little insight into why I love blogging so much. Some people think that bloggers a getting a little stale now as there are so many, but I personally feel the more the merrier. Everyone has their own experiences and thoughts to write about, and I don’t believe there could ever be too many bloggers in this community we have created!

See you on Sunday for another post!



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