Throwing a 90’s themed party!

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We throw a summer party each year with a bbq and drinks and to really enjoy the weather, and being a girl that a) loves planning parties and b) throwing themed parties it was a no brainer to make a themed summer party happen! And what better than 90’s! I was born ’92 as with a lot of my friends being early 90’s so thought it would be a great theme for us – and shopping around made me feel SO nostalgic!

So here’s some ideas on how to throw a 90’s party!

Food & drinks

The staple to every party – let’s be honest! Our main food we had was a bbq, which makes it nice and easy, plus we bought enough party sausage rolls to feed an army. But my favourite was our 90’s snack table! I was able to find quite a few retro sweets from shops like Poundland and home bargains.

Ours included

  • Dip dabs
  • Sherbet fountains
  • Flumps
  • Million’s
  • Matchsticks
  • Shrimps and bananas
  • Rainbow drops
  • Whistle lolly’s
  • Nik nak crisps
  • Wheat crunchie crisps
  • pixie sticks
  • And SO many different lollies

I also laid out some paper popcorn boxes I got from Asda, for cute takeaway sweet party bags!

For drinks, we made a pallet bar a few years ago which you can see in my luau party post here which we like to put spirits behind for anyone to help themselves to cocktails! As well as a cool bucket for ciders!


I was very kindly gifted some decorations from Party Packs, and loved browsing all their 90’s decor!

First off we picked up some decorations to make a diy photo booth, which included their pink foil curtain, and the photo booth cutouts! Plus a huge inflatable phone!

Just be aware the photo booth props don’t come with the sticks to hold them, but I just taped some skewers on the back and it worked just the same! We had our camera on a tripod in the front for anyone that wanted to take pictures, but you can also download certain photo booth apps on your iPad if you wanted to go the whole hog!

I didn’t decorate too much inside as it was a garden party, but I did stick some mini cutouts along the stairs as people walked through the house, and thanks to the help of Pinterest I turned our doors into gameboys using coloured card! So easy, but I think looked so cool!

I also made my costume – which then I put as part of our decorations as a giant tamagotchi! Again huge thanks to Pinterest for the inspiration, and so easy to make!

So this brings us to our main party area – the garden. As I said before we have a pallet bar so I added a few more party packs decorations to the surrounding area including 90’s paper chain hanging from the top, and some 90’s foil swirl decorations from the side of the gazebo.

On the bar itself I taped up some of Pete’s old Pokemon cards he had found and some old poke balls! And then again from Party packs, we had found some little trolls, mini slinky’s and little bubble wands that were perfect to put both on the bar and on our sweet table!

On our grass area we had put up a big gazebo (as it was SO hot this turned out to be perfect for some much needed shade) and my dad let us borrow some of his lights that he has for his band!

I decorated the marquee with pictures of 90’s pop stars – Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Spice girls plus added a couple from old tv shows like Kenan and Kel and saved by the bell (my absolute fave growing up!)

I hung a few more of Party Packs foil swirl decorations around the marquee and from the lights, and added their inflatable boombox to the snack table!

One thing I love about their inflatables is that they have a cardboard bottom so they can actually stand and be used as props!

A huge thank you to Party Packs for gifting our decorations, and check them out as they have SO much more to offer!


90’s music is one of favourites to listen to so for me it was SO easy to make a playlist up, we put our amazon echo outside and created a huge Spotify playlist, so we’d have the 90’s tunes all day! Here’s a little peak into that playlist of you’re looking for some ideas!


90’s theme is such a brilliant one for us at it is so nostalgic, so here’s a couple of pictures of some of my favourite costumes that arrived!

We had such a brilliant summer party, and I hope it’s given you some ideas and inspiration if you’re thinking of throwing your own nineties bash!


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