The Best bank holiday

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Last weekend was the first may bank holiday – and the first weekend it really felt like summer! We had such a wonderful weekend together with friends, and it’s making me wonder why three day weekends aren’t the norm!?

Friday night I went out for some drinks with some of the Bournemouth blogger lot – I feel so lucky and happy to have found some friends in the blogging community, and even better that they live close so we get to hang out outside of events too. Anyway It was Emma’s birthday in the week – so myself, Emma, Emma, Louise, Harrison & Ciara went out for some drinks. Starting at the slug and lettuce. (I was driving, so was on mocktails, but they were amazing!) I had some apple mojitos, and bubble gum drinks, which was essentially a bubble gum milkshake with cream! SO GOOD!

We then decided to walk over to Las Iguanas (One of my faves!) and had again another mocktail – but this time a pina colada one. I had such a fun night with these guys. Thank you all for a great friday! 


Saturday we spent most of the day in the garden, we had such beautiful weather, and we’re currently doing up our garden. We also bought J a new sand/water table, so we had fun splashing about with that and some water guns we had gotten earlier in the year.









Sunday we hosted our FIRST bbq of the year! Yaaaas, this is what summer is all about – I know its not technically summer yet, but its literally been cold for 3 years ( or so it feels like). Like I say we’ve been doing up our garden, and its becoming a place I feel quite proud of and is nice to sit out in. Plus we have a garden bar, so its perfect for a bbq and some summer bevvy’s.

Monday we finished our bank holiday weekend, with out first kayaking trip this year. Pete & his step dad bought two kayaks when Pete was younger. So it’s great that we can take them out whenever the feeling strikes.

Monday was incredible weather, so we took them down to Christchurch. The current was a little strong so we were battling half our way round, but then stopped for a little snack and paddle, and then the current took us back. Bliss!

It was honestly such a perfect weekend to forget about daily stresses, and just enjoy the sun and some family time. Plus I’m very excited that we have another bank holiday weekend in just a couple of weeks! Wooohooo! Please be sunny!

I hope you enjoyed this little home-y blog post – I haven’t done one of these in a while, and I love looking through all the photos!

Hope everyone else had a good weekend! x


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