Surviving a Festival with Kids

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The smell of sun cream and candy floss is in the air and you’ve just queued 40 minutes to meet Peppa Pig – ah it must be family festival season! Last year was our first festival as a family, and I learnt SO much from it, we’re heading back to Camp Bestival again this weekend (*gifted tickets) and this post is a little for me to remind myself what to bring and hopefully give you some tips if it’s your first time taking the little ones for the festival experience!

  • Pack for ALL weathers! Hot, cold, rain. Better to be prepared than walking through thick mud with your flip flops on, or burning in the heat because you’ve forgotten your sun cream!
    Look into getting a wagon, we got ours from amazon and I have zero regrets! Perfect for when their little legs get tired, and a great set up for a bed on the go so you can still see the evening acts! Can also double up to carry your stuff to and from the car. Parking is usually quite far from the campsites, and with kids it can be hair to pack light! Also recommend getting a set of ear defenders to protect their little ears from the music!
    Some festivals also have wagon dress up competitions where you can kit it out with lights or dress it to go with a theme! Plus lights are also really useful when it’s dark so people can see the wagon when your stationary and don’t bump into it especially with a sleeping child in it!

  • Buy a programme! They are so helpful, and we found we then did everything we all wanted to including J’s much wanted Peppa Pig meet and greet!

  • Food, now don’t get me wrong the food at festivals is UH-MAZING but equally can rack up when you’re feeding a family 3 times a day, plus snacks and drinks. We took a little portable cooker and kettle, and took pasta, pot noodles, beans, chilli etc and then bought a couple of bits from the festival which helped massively to keep the food cost down!
  • Take seating down if you’re going to watch entertainment,saves a sore bum from sitting on the grass for a few hours!
  • Take toilet roll with you! Both to your tent and out to the arenas with you. The toilets were in pretty good condition but toilet paper runs out fast’ Pack baby wipes too! You never know when you’ll need a baby wipe!
  • Take some games! We took a few with us for when we had a little down time at the tent, plus good for you if you have a little one that naps to pass the time before heading back out!
  • Invest in good camping equipment – camping is no fun when it’s pouring of rain and you feel like your tent is about to blow over, or your air bed keeps deflating in the night!
  • Be safe! Write your phone number on your child’s arm incase they get lost – and arrange a place to go to if you get split up!
  • Enjoy and don’t forget your camera as there will be plenty of photo ops and memories you won’t want to forget!
  • My little one had the best time at his first festival as did we, so I can’t wait to take him back again this year – albeit we’re just heading up for the day this time around as I didn’t fancy camping with a bump but we are so excited!
  • I hope this has given you a couple of ideas of things to take with you, and have fun!

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