Sunset walks

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One of my favourite things about where I live is that we’re a 5 minute walk from the beach. The beach is my happy place without a doubt. I love everything about it, the noise the waves make when crashing up against the rocks – the smell of the sea water – the fact that even on a hot day its never that busy! And my favourite part, once October hits the sun starts setting over the sea and does so until spring time.

So of course sunset walks are a must even more so now we have Luna, and she absolutely loves the beach already!

I thought I’d put together a little photo diary of one of our walks, and take you along and see how beautiful it is for yourself.

I feel so lucky to call this home, and if you’re local why not try a stroll at sunset down Highcliffe, or anywhere on the south coast. Its beautiful, and such a perfect way to unwind after a day at work. Plus Highcliffe is free parking over the winter months! Bonus!

A short post today, but I couldn’t not post these pictures. I hope you’ve enjoyed a little snapshot into one of my favourite places.

Where do you go to have some downtime? Whats your favourite place near your home? I’d love to know!

See you tomorrow for another day of Blogtober!


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