Subtle Halloween decor

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Now I know not everyone celebrates Halloween or decorates (that is wild to me haha!) but I thought I’d show how you can decorate for Halloween without being too over the top! This is how we usually decorate for October and then we go over the top for our annual Halloween party! There will be a blog post next week about our party so you’ll be able to have a peak!

First up is the kitchen, our light up letter board is up all year round and I like to change it up so a little drink up witches I think is cute – and will look good for our party next to some bowls of punch! Plus my Halloween candle next to it smells so delish!

This is the rest of our kitchen window sill, a couple of pumpkins to decorate – a perfect way to add some Halloween into your house, if you don’t want to go for big pumpkins, have a look for munchkins or squash in the supermarkets!

I think these candle sticks feel little Halloween-y. Pete likes his rums & whiskeys so we sometimes keep the bottles to pop fairy lights in and I think the candles look really cool, and will do once they’re a bit more melted.

We let Jacob pick some decorations out each year, so he picked some window clings for the back door and these honeycomb decorations we found in Aldi, which are cute and don’t get in the way which is a plus.

I like to have flowers that match my colour scheme for the seasons, Christmas I go more reds and green and for autumn I love my orange and purples. I think they look gorgeous especially as it’s the first thing you see when you walk through the door and get the smell of our toffee pumpkin candle!

Our last Halloween decor is in the lounge, like I say it’s nice and subtle in here which I like for the majority of October. Another pumpkin candle with some more orange flowers and my letter board, currently a little nod towards Halloween but again this’ll get changed for the party, so stayed tuned!

Hope you enjoyed this post and it gives you some guide on if you want to feel a bit Halloween-y but don’t like to overboard.

See you tomorrow for another post! X


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