Something sweet for Vday

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Hello again, well so much for my twice a week plan, more like a twice a month! Oops! I’m not going to lie I lost all inspiration in January, I wrote a plan and then just didn’t follow it through. BUT it’s a new month and I’m back, and starting with one of my fave type of posts – one filled with sweet treats, and let’s be honest what better excuse than to get in the kitchen and make some goodies is Valentine’s Day! These are such simple things to make wether you’re having a night in with your friends, your other half, your kids or a night to yourself in front of Netflix.

So what have we got – chocolate covered strawberries – a staple for Valentine’s Day I. My opinion wether you decide to go fondue option and melt your chocolate and dip (yuuuum) or prepare before dip and refrigerate! With added chocolate patterns on top to make them have a little something something. Easy, and takes about 5 minutes of your time.

I discovered snowy robed Oreos over Christmas and found they were the most delicious things so here’s a cute pink version basically, and again so easy and one the kids would love to do! Dip your Oreo half in white choc and cover on sprinkles. So simple it’s seems silly writing it, but that’s what I’m trying to show I suppose, goodies that are quick, easy and taste delish!

Rice crispy cakes are possibly one of my favourite things ever invented. Melt some butter in a saucepan, add mini pink and white marshmallows once melted together, take of the heat and add in rice crispies. I rolled mine out on greaseproof paper and cut heart shapes from some cookie cutters I had. Once set, I put some melted chocolate in the a piping bag and decorated with some swirls and lines! SO.GOOD.

Last but not least cookies!

These are the same cookies that I used in my Halloween spider cookies but obviously not piping the spider on top. I also used chocolate chips instead of big chunks of chocolate and instead of vanilla essence I used strawberry flavouring. I also again piped some melted chocolate on and attempted to make love heart style cookies with cute sayings on.

All these treats ended up being a big hit in my household, and my 6 year old said ‘mummy it’s my favourite when you bake, as I get to eat it all…but not before photographs.’ Hahaha he knows me so well!

I hope you’ve got some last minute snack inspo, and if you make any please tag me on insta so I can see! @lizcarey92 .

Hope you have a fab Valentine’s Day however you spend it. Lots of love x


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