Revolution Bournemouth

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I have been aware of revolution (vodka Rev’s) for a while now, especially that it’s a great club with some amazing sounding vodka shots (hello jelly baby!) but somewhere i’d never gotten round to venture too. That is until I found out they are not only a club but also have a great menu to choose from plus it’s happy hour until 9pm, so perfect to choose some drinks to go along with your dinner!

It is so much bigger than I realised, the club room is separate so you don’t feel your eating in, well, a club! We had a cute little sofa booth by the window and had a peruse of their drink menu.

There is so much choice for cocktails – which as you will probably know by my previous posts – I’m a huge cocktail fan! I love that cocktails are such a big thing now (without sounding old) Pete and I were saying how we remember bar tenders would not want you to order any cocktails as it was such a faff, and people mainly ordered spirits – whereas now there’s such an extensive choice and most of the bar tenders I’ve spoken to can’t wait to make one up and try something different out! Pete saw somebody drinking the bubblegum daiquiri and was intrigued so he ordered that, whilst I also tried something new – blue movie – berry vodka, blue curaçao, lemon, apple and lemonade. It was SO good and I’m so glad I went for something different other than a pornstar or pina colada.

After browsing the menu for a while – with so much choice it was hard to pick – we started with 3 grazers opting for the Tuscan meatballs, revs fried chicken and the honey and mustard sausages.

The meatballs were definitely my favourite! Pork meatballs sat in a tomato sauce with a sprinkling of Parmesan over the top!


The revs chicken was so delicious, buttermilk fried chicken which came with a pot of chorizo ketchup – unreal!

And then lastly but by definitely no means least – the pork sausages glazed with a honey and mustard sauce. They were Pete’s favourite and so more-ish!

We then went for another round of drinks whilst waiting for our main meals! I opted for a mocktail which our bartender made up for me – passionfruit, pineapple and some grenadine which made for a fruit refreshing drink! And Pete went for the stud puffin cocktail. Really tasty, but definitely on the stronger side, plus how cute does it look when it comes out!

We both were feeling burgers and were excited by the many choices. Mine was called the smoke king and it promised to be served under a cloud of applewood smoke, and wowee it looked and smelt amazing! Three beef patties loaded with crispy bacon, fried onions (the crispy kind which are my favourite!) nacho cheese sauce, with a caramel bbq sauce & some of the chorizo ketchup I talked about earlier! Served with a very generous scoop of skinny fries which I upgraded to have cheese and bacon on! Excellent decision if I do say so myself!

Pete opted for the mother clucker burger – a mix of two beef patties and a HUGE piece of corn battered chicken topped with bacon, sweet potato fries, crispy fried onions, nacho cheese sauce, chorizo ketchup and sour cream! Bloody hell it was massive, I had a bite of the chicken and it tasted absolutely amazing!

As you can imagine we were beyond stuffed, dinner was absolutely amazing and I was so pleasantly surprised and the brilliant quality of the food – especially the burgers. Even though we couldn’t move through feeling so full we did take a little peek at the puddings! Different stomach and all that right?

We choose the bombshell brownie – brownie bits covered with a salted caramel sauce and chunks of honeycomb, finished with a scoop of chocolate ice cream fizzing away with popping candy. The brownie felt incredibly light and went down very well without feeling to rich. We also tried the raspberry sponge cake which was topped with a raspberry and Prosecco sorbet – which by the way is a fabulous combination for sorbet and was the perfect end to the dinner. The raspberry cake was personally a little heavy for me with topped chocolate and coconut, but I could still appreciate that it tasted great!

The food really was outstanding, and they take so much pride in the appearance which I feel makes it so much more exciting when going out to eat. Revolution was never somewhere I thought about going for food, but now after looking through their menu I cannot wait to head back, and next time I’ll definitely be eyeing up a few of their flavoured vodka shots!

A huge thank you to Revolution Bournemouth for having us to eat with you! This meal and drinks were very kindly gifted to us for the purpose of this blog post – however as always all thoughts and opinions are my own, and I can’t recommend them enough, just to try their burgers – you will not regret it! See you next time! XO


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