Rainy Day Duvet Day

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Now i’m fully aware that this bank holiday in the UK has been unbelievable hot (Minus the thunderstorm we had last night!) BUT we live in the UK, so rainy weather is VERY common and sometimes its hard to think of things to do when you’re stuck indoors, especially with a little one bouncing off the walls.

We love our film afternoon’s – especially Disney – Cars & Tangled are firm favourites in this household, so we thought how can we make it a bit more exciting!

Lets build a fort! They don’t have to be huge or amazingly thought out – and trust me mine consisted of some blankets, cushions and my washing line pole to hold it all up! ( pinterest worthy or what!? ha ha ) But J absolutely loved it! As did I to be honest!

I threw some sofa cushions on the floor to sit on and then cosy pillows and cushions round the back, plus of course our duvet for extra cosy-ness!

Of course we had movie snacks – what duvet day would be complete without – including popcorn and pick and mix – The staples of a good film afternoon. Popcorn is both sweet and salted in case you were wondering 😉

I added some fairy lights for a cute little touch and voila easy peasy fort for a rainy day stuck inside.

I’m not going to lie – I definitely started dosing off lying in this. So comfy, and something fun for the kids to get involved in. A great rainy day alternative to fight the boredom. Jay didn’t want to take it down, and already wants to build the tent again in the lounge!

I hope this can give you a little inspo especially with half term approaching and some dodgy looking weather reports! Eeek!


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