Pumpkin Picking

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Hurray! We are finally in October, one of my favourite months of the year – mainly due to the fact it is halloween month! I love every aspect of halloween including dressing up, scary makeup & pumpkins.

Every year we always wait until the weekend before halloween & buy some pumpkins from Asda, but they’re always the ones that nobody wants. This year, we decided to go pick them ourselves! A first for our family.

So we went down to our local pick your own farm last weekend & got to choose from the best of the crop. Now, we are aware we’ve gone to the other side of the scale and have picked early, but these are not to carve ( so hopefully they’ll last longer) but just for decoration around the house, and then next weekend we’re going to pick our carving pumpkins… SO EXCITED!!!

Picking our pumpkins was a lot of fun, and I never knew that the top of a pumpkin is actually covered in lots of little spikes. We chose a few smaller ones and now have them dotted around the lounge, kitchen and outside our front door, since buying these we’ve also bought some squashes – which just look like mini pumpkins. Basically the house is covered and I love it.

I thought i’d share a few pictures of our day to ease me back into the blogging world, I’ve missed writing posts and taking pictures, so I hope you enjoy these!

I think you can tell by the look on my face at how happy this day made me!

Do you like picking your own pumpkins?


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