Brunching with bacon pancakes

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1,988 total views, 6 views today Happy Friday! One day until the weekend yaaas!! I lacked a lot of inspiration towards the end of January due to a) January blues and b) feeling like I didn’t know what to write about that people would read. So here’s to content that I love…

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Having a ‘lush’ time with Bournemouth Bloggers

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1,612 total views, 6 views today Over the weekend I headed over to the Lush store in Bournemouth for a Bournemouth Bloggers event! I went to one in October and bloody loved it! (You can read about it Here!) And as a HUGE Lush fan and after how much fun last time…

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Alphabet Dating – A is for …

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2,119 total views, 15 views today Alphabet dating; 26 dates with activities that are inspired from the alphabet. It is so easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to doing something different, or making the effort to go on dates when you’re in a long term relationship. My husband…

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Something sweet for Vday

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2,272 total views, 4 views today Hello again, well so much for my twice a week plan, more like a twice a month! Oops! I’m not going to lie I lost all inspiration in January, I wrote a plan and then just didn’t follow it through. BUT it’s a new month and…

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My ‘tbr’ list

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1,761 total views, no views today So we are in the midst of January now, Christmas feels like a lifetime ago and I’m still feeling pretty happy with the goals I’ve made for this year (if you missed what they were you can see them here.) One of those were to…

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