Camp Bestival 2018!

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550 total views, 3 views today Last Friday we packed the car up to the brim and drove to Lulworth Castle for not only Jacob’s first festival, but mine and Pete’s too! We had very kindly been invited along to Camp Bestival with a weekend camping pass! (Just a quick disclaimer, we…

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I’m ready to own 26!

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303 total views, 3 views today So here I am cuddled up on my sofa ready for the love island final (don’t judge me!) at the new age of 26. I celebrated my birthday yesterday ( I began celebrating a week early, so didn’t particularly feel any different, but when do you…

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Cocktails at Be at one in Bournemouth

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345 total views, 6 views today One of my favourite things in life are cocktails. I love them, and am always up for trying new drinks – so when an email dropped in my inbox asking if I’d like to try some cocktails at Be at one in Bournemouth I jumped at…

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Be a VIP at Hollywood Bowl

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816 total views, no views today At the beginning of the week I was lucky enough to be invited down to Hollywood Bowl at Tower park Poole with my son Jacob and some other fellow Bournemouth bloggers and their kids. Hollywood Bowl have recently set up a VIP area that you…

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Why I fell in love with blogging

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386 total views, 4 views today I have now been blogging for about 2 years and even though I don’t always post on my schedule, I still love it now as much as I did then (If not more!) Here’s why…   I love writing! Probably the most obvious reason. English was…

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