Outdoor Halloween Decor

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Now our party is looming, I have started Halloween decorating, and first stop the front door – the first thing people see so why not dress it up!

I think the cobweb packs you get are so effective if you want to decorate a large space. It doesn’t look like you get that much in a pack but stretch it out – the thinner the better – and hook it over everything. I love putting cobwebs everywhere so knew I’d add them to our front door area.

I added the little spiders that came with the pack and then I found this bigger glittery spiders made out of card that I found in Tesco that sit well in the cobwebs.

I also dragged it over our door too, and might even add some more to the other side of the wall too. Also in Tesco I found some beware tape that I’ve taped to the door and some little hanging bits for a little something extra to the top of the porch!

Of course our pumpkins are out the front, nothing has been carved yet but will be by the time we have our party, so we’ll have tea lights in those giving some extra light! Not only the pumpkins but I also added a witches broom to prop up by the door as a cute little touch.

I am so happy with how it looks as is J as you can see by his face! Perfect for kids parties or adults and a great entrance to start your evening!


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