Our Halloween Makeup 2018

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So last night was our annual Halloween party and I though I would show you the make up looks we went for this year! I did mine and Pete’s and my sisters makeup for her party she was having too!

I’ll start with mine…

I had no idea what to do this year but after extensively searching Pinterest I came across all the jewelled skull faces. So pretty, so I combined a couple of different looks into one. The mouth and eye Jewell’s were both gypsy shrine who I’m obsessed with and have bought from before, and my chest and forehead were from eBay and I am so impressed that they all matched! Now I’m not going to lie the mouth Jewell’s didn’t stay on for long as I soon found I couldn’t eat or drink but I absolutely love the look, and I also temp dyed my hair pink and I’m a little obsessed I’m not going to lie!

Next up is Pete – He decided to be Venom, after watched the film recently we were both a little hooked and I was excited to see if it was something I could create – I did a practise on myself first and didn’t take into account pete has facial hair so found it so much more difficult to re do on Pete.

I am happy with how it turned out but wasn’t too happy with the teeth as it was essentially colouring over stubble, so made it quite hard to be precise.

Last but not least my sister Jen’s make up – she was going to be a dark red riding hood but as her kids were going to be there she didn’t want anything too scary – she found an image on Pinterest (thank god for Pinterest!)

I loved doing something so dramatic and we added some glitter to the black tear lines to glam it up!

I hope you’ve enjoyed a little look into what we wore, stay tuned for a peek into our party tomorrow!

Did you dress up this weekend? What did you go as?


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