My Makeover at DFMA Makeup Bar in Westbourne

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Last weekend, I was lucky enough to be invited down to the new DFMA Makeup bar in Westbourne to have my makeup done. I LOVE everything about makeup, however I’ve come into a bit of a rut and have mostly the same makeup routine, so I was really looking forward to getting all done up!

I was greeted by the lovely Rosey, who offered me a drink and got me settled. She asked what makeup I was after, and was incredibly welcoming and friendly.

I’ve had my makeup done before at different counters, but something I really enjoyed at DFMA is that they use multiple different brands – including Mac, DFMA, Bobbi Brown, Nip & Fab to just name a few – a few i recognized and some I hadn’t heard of before, but looking forward to buying some new products that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise.

I told Rosey that I was heading out for some drinks later – and wanted a smokey eye but not too dramatic. She came up with a brown smokey eye look which complemented and brought out the green in my eyes, and a nude lip. I absolutely loved the look Rosey created on me, and honestly really look forward to returning to have my makeup done again for another occasion.

The makeup bar itself is beautiful, white, pristine and lots of lights – Beautiful and bright! There were lots of chairs set up, so you could go in with your friends to all get your makeup done together, as well as having your makeup done, DFMA is an academy where you can go for courses (there are a few other locations as well as Bournemouth). They hold plenty of different classes from Bridal to TV makeup, they are also branching into online courses soon too!

There is also a huge ring light, so once you’ve had your makeup done you can get some good selfies done in front of it!

Upon finishing my makeover,  I was given a list of all the products that were used, if I so wished to buy them i’d have them for reference – which I found really useful, and am already eyeing up some Mac foundation to replace mine, as it sat so nicely on my skin.

I think having your makeup done is such a personal thing and there is always a worry you’ll come out not loving your look, but I felt so happy with how my makeup looked, and Rosey was so lovely and easy to talk too. I would thoroughly recommend going.

Here are a few pictures of my before and after makeup. I had such a wonderful morning, and felt so pampered and relaxed afterwards.

I am also totally obsessed with how Rosey did my brows, and love how she asked throughout what my preference was, whether that was matte or dewy skin, to have false lashes on or if I wanted some glitter on my lid, as I still felt like I was getting the makeup look I wanted the whole way through. I also loved that lashes were including in the makeover, as I never wear lashes but tried some single lashes, and I absolutely loved them!

A huge thank you to DFMA makeup bar for having me along, and to Rosey for giving my makeover! I didn’t want to take my makeup off at the end of the night – so I think that shows how much I truly loved it!

You can find DFMA Westbourne Makeup bar through their facebook where you can arrange your makeover! You wont regret it!




*I was invited along to DFMA for a complimentary makeover in return for a blog post – however all thoughts, opinions and pictures are my own!


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