My autumn makeup go to’s

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Within the different seasons I tend to change up my go to makeup looks. In the summer I tend to avoid winged liner as I find it creases as I get hot and like I minimal eyeshadow. However when autumn and winter come round I feel a lot more comfortable experimenting with colours, smoking out my eyes and wearing a darker lipstick than usual.

Today I thought I’d tell you what I’ve been reaching for more recently when I get ready in the mornings. Now that my hair is lighter I also feel I can get away with having darker makeup so I take full advantage of that!

I purchased this revolution pallet at the beginning of this year and have been obsessed with it ever since – it even featured in my favourites post a few months back. I was never one to go for the red toned colours – but now I’ve started to there is no looking back! The reds, Browns and purples are now a regular in my eyeshadow colours, and bring out more of the green in my eyes. I love using a light orange as my base/crease colour, a warmer orange to blend it and a deeper red on the outer corners, and of course a winged liner – it is rare nowadays I don’t have winged liner!

I have also been enjoying using and trying different highlighters recently, I always swore by my revolution highlight pallet, but since I hit pan on my favourite colour I’ve been trying different options – probably not a surprise but it’s another revolution product, I’m a huge fan if you hadn’t already guessed!? – and the one I’ve been loving is their liquid highlighter, it gives the most beautiful sheen and is a staple in my everyday makeup routine regardless of the time of year! Not only that but I’ve using a golden power highlight that I’ve been sweeping across my lids to finish off my eye makeup and in the inner corners of my eyes to brighten them up. I have also been enjoying a cream contour instead of a more overall bronze look – I am LOVING Loreal’s infallible long- wear shaping stick with a multiple use of being a cream foundation or using a slightly darker shade to get your contour, pairing that with my body shop foundation brush! It’s the perfect combo!

I hope you’ve enjoyed a little insight to my everyday makeup routine and go to’s. How do you like to do your makeup when its gets to the colder months? Are you like me and like to make your makeup a little darker and more dramatic or do you keep it simple?



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