Meet Penny – Our African pygmy hedgehog

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I thought i would dedicate a post to the 4th member of our clan. Penny, she is an African pygmy hedgehog and was born mid December 2016.

I have wanted a pet for a very long time but unfortunately Pete is incredibly allergic to most pet hair, which rules out dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits etc. Pete has wanted a hedgehog for a long time, and i didn’t even realise you could have them as pets, so started to do a lot of research and found what great loving pets they can be, as well as the fact wouldn’t be allergic to her!

We found a breeder about an hour away from us, and i drove up to see her and check she was healthy, and just fell in love with her. Penny took a few days to settle in and get used to the new smells and noises, but settled in quite quickly. She has very grumpy days at the moment because she is ‘quilling’ which means her baby spines are falling out and her adult ones are growing through, which is painful for her and she doesn’t like being touched. She likes having warm baths in the sink, as i think it eases the discomfort, and she loves eating wet and dry cat food ( chicken is her fav!) and i bought her a mint toy ( meant for cats) but she likes to chew on it!

She also has a wheel in her cage ( which is a necessity so they can gets lots of exercise!) which she loves running on when we’ve gone to bed ( we know because she either poo’s on it when shes runs, or we can hear it spinning! hahaha)

Having a hedgehog is such a great pet, but she does need lots of attention, i try to get her out of her cage twice a day, half an hour minimum each time) to keep her smelling our scents and so she doesn’t become anti social! even if shes just on my lap when we’re watching a film in the evening.

Have you got any pets? I’d love to know and what you have called them!?


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