Longleat festival of light

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A few weeks ago Pete and I decided to book a day at longleat safari with J, and go see their festival of light for the first time. I’ve always wanted to go, but always lose track of time and end up never booking.

The day we decided to go ended up being awful weather, it rained basically all day but we still had a blast, and the only part of safari we didn’t see were the monkeys as they were all quite cold. We went round the safari twice before going into the park, if you haven’t been to Longleat before I would highly recommend. We had a brilliant day looking at the animals and then at 4.30 all the lanterns turned on. It was so beautiful and so much to look at!

Each year they have a different theme, this year it is about 2 children and their dog traveling through time and space. They find themselves under the sea, in the jungle, and on the moon plus so much more. It is such a beautiful walk and as you go along it tells the story.

Not only that but as you finish the lantern trail you find yourselves at a huge singing Christmas tree with some beautiful projections on and it even snows! Such an amazing day and we came away feeling so festive even though we visited in November! It is definitely something we’d like to do again next year!

Here’s a few pictures from our safari too incase you fancy seeing some beautiful animals!

I hope you don’t mind the picture heavy post today, but it’s just so easy to snap away at longleat, and I haven’t even touched the surface with the lanterns, there are lots more to find if you choose to go!

See you tomorrow at 6pm for another post!


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