Last minute Halloween Ideas

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Sometimes you get invited to a Halloween party last minute or maybe you’re a little late to get down the shops and all the good costumes have gone and you have no time to get anything else sorted. Well hopefully I can help. I love doing full makeup for Halloween and all you need is some basic makeup, face paints and usually some patience.

So here’s a few ideas for you where your face is the main part of the costume! These are all photo’s that were taken in 2016 when I challenged myself to do 100 days of makeup – I quite like my challenges apparently!

Now I know Harley Quinn is quite a popular choice for Halloween, so why not be a little different and do a pop art/ comic book version! For this look I used my usual foundation and eyebrow powder, I then started with blue and pink eye shadow on my eyes and blend, blend blend! I went down my face a little on on the top of my forehead as well as under my lip on one side. I finished my eyes with a winged liner and a coat of mascara. Pop your red lipstick on and outline with black liner as well as all the other lines on your face. Then back to the lips with a little while face paint and job’s a good’un.

The werewolf was probably one of my favourite Halloween looks I did, as it was so simple but looked so effective. You just need to elongate your eye shape with eyeliner and white liner, then using a brown eye shadow I shaded my contour lines blending down as well as making my eyebrows looking bushier, and a bit of fake blood.

Sugar skulls are always popular, you can choose to paint your whole face or just half like I opted to above plus you can wear whatever you like. You can also let your creativity take your wherever you fancy with this look.

Lots go for a zombie look as its quick and easy to do – but why not give the pre-zombie look a go. The infected look (what a lovely name for it! Ha Ha!) I used lots of purples, greens, and browns for bruising and veins. Basically make yourself look as ill as possible!

This was done using liquid latex something used to do more special effect makeup. You apply a few layers and once dry with a pair of tweezers make a small hole in the middle and pull it around a bit to make it look like a hole. I added some purple to look like bruises and some gel blood.

I’m not too sure what this look is, but I love it! You could adapt to some ice queen, or even a fairy. I used lots of white, blues and grey shadows and lots of highlighter!

Last but not least the skull! You just need black and white face paint and some patience as it can take a while, but go for it as the finished look will be fab!


I hope I’ve given you a little inspiration if you’re currently stuck for Halloween ideas!



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