Jazz up your Christmas makeup

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Happy Saturday loves, it’s the 8th of December and we are well are truly in the middle of Christmas party season, wether it’s a work do, a family get together or cheese and wine with your mates it’s always nice to get your red lippy on and feel festive af!

So here a couple of ways to Jazz up your Christmas makeup!

Glitter! Glitter is the easiest and most fun way to jazz up your everyday products, and there is no limit of rules, you can sprinkle or throw as much on as you like. I personally like just a little bit, i like to add a little dusting over my eye lids, and my favourite is to add it to my lips. I do my liner and lipstick and then I have some fine pink iridescent glitter I add to the centre. Just enough to make them sparkle when the light hits.

Liner! I am a huge fan of winged liner I wear it most days, so when it’s get more acceptable to throw sparkle and glitter around whilst wearing your Christmas jumper dancing around the kitchen to Michael Buble I like to add the sparkle to my liner. Wether that be a glitter eye liner pen or a double wing (one regular black and the white or silver on top) with a little sparkle thrown on top.

I’m fully aware this post is basically just endorsing glitter but if you can’t slap it on over December then when can you!?

Enjoy your Christmas do’s & parties and see you tomorrow for another post!


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