A day trip to the Isle of Wight

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On saturday my parents had my brothers kids for the day so we decided to take them and Jacob for a day trip to the isle of wight. We didn’t really have a plan and decided to go with the flow, and had such a wonderful day.

We got the ferry over from Lymington as foot passengers which was so quick and easy. Once there we saw an open top bus that would take us to the needles attraction, which was really fun, we sat on the top ( of course) and let the wind turn our hair into wild manes, watching all the gorgeous scenery fly past us.

We got off at the needles attraction, where we jumped on to the chair lift, now if you are scared of heights – this is NOT for you! i have to say i felt anxious the whole way down the cliff to the beach, but if you dont mind heights, the view is beautiful. we were very lucky to have a clear day and got a great view of the ocean, the needles and the cliff top!

We had fun playing on the beach and admiring all the different coloured sands, pinks, red, oranges and yellows!

After going back up the lift (Was definitely better on the way back up! haha) we had a little look round at all the fairground rides, and let the kids run wild on the water zorbs, mini boats and cars,teacups and of course a stop off for lunch and an ice cream!

Last stop before heading back on the bus, was going to the sand shop to collect lots of different coloured sands, Ollie chose a skull, Evie chose a pen, Jacob chose a star and I picked a light bulb! They had lots of stations where you poured the sand in and so many containers to choose from.

After hopping back on the bus we had a quick tour up by the needles and then back down to Yarmouth, where we stopped in a little pub for a drink before getting the ferry home. we had such a fantastic time and already thinking about our next trip over. We’d love to visit black gang chine – an old theme park i used to go to as a child, or maybe rent a cottage and get to have a longer trip next time. Either way, i’m looking forward to returning! Have you been to the isle of Wight before? If so, where do you like to go visit?



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