I’m ready to own 26!

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So here I am cuddled up on my sofa ready for the love island final (don’t judge me!) at the new age of 26. I celebrated my birthday yesterday ( I began celebrating a week early, so didn’t particularly feel any different, but when do you feel different!?) I felt a bit more hesitant for my birthday this year! 26! I’m now closer to my 30’s than 20 – the other side of 25 – I cant say i’m overly thrilled, but I thought instead why not embrace this year! I’m still young and have a lot I’d like to achieve, so why not start now.

I thought I’d share some things I’d love to do in my 26th year on this planet and hopefully look back on when i’m 27 and tick off!

Family : As many of you may know this has been a bump in the road for over a year now. I am desperate to extend our family and have another baby – something I’ve wanted for a really long time, so I’m hoping this year will be the year I can carry a happy healthy bubba.

Body Confidence :  I know this is a bit of a contradiction to the point above, as being pregnant is hard work for your body, and mine totally changed when I had J. But I would love to be happy in my own skin, I haven’t been confident since before I had Jacob, and it’s now the time to take control, become healthier, fitter, and loose some lumps and bumps (and hopefully gain one! haha)

Blog : I have been blogging for a few years now – I moved over to word press a little over a year ago and joined the  Bournemouth Bloggers community which has brought some amazing opportunities already! I would love to be able to make my passion into a business and hopefully I can grow this this coming year!

Friendships : Over the years I have come to know that it is definitely more Quality than quantity, and I so thrilled that I have such a lovely group of friends. I feel like I’ve finally gotten to the point of ridding fake and toxic friends, and now I just want to keep and evolve the relationships I have now, and just keep having as much fun as we possibly can!

Photography : A huge part of blogging is taking pictures, I feel like my photography has improved however I don’t really make the most of my camera and I would love to take some time and learn about everything it has to offer, and the same goes for my video editing! I want to keep upping my content so I’m 100% proud of everything I put out.


Enjoy life : I find i’m filled with worry and stress a lot of the time, this past year has had its moments that’s pushed us to breaking point ( not something I want to go into here but you can read it here.) But over time has made me stronger and appreciate the little things. I made a one second everyday of last year – and although it highlighted the lows – it showed all the highs, the little moments each day that make you smile, and how a bad hour, day, month can’t make a bad year! This is something I have decided to do it again this year, a second everyday of being 26. I want to enjoy this year, and roll with the punches.

As worried as I was about turning 26 – I now have a good feeling, and i’m ready to make this my year!

Lets do this!

P.s Thank you Harrison for the pictures!


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