Iced Cinnamon Roll Hot Chocolate

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I’m not only a big fan of baked goods but hot chocolate and when I saw I could combine the two I was thrilled! On a recent trip to TkMaxx as well as picking up this cuuuute mug in their Halloween section. I had a little browse of their food and drink and was pleasantly surprised to see a new syrups range. One that particularly caught my eye is the iced cinnamon roll syrup perfect to add to coffee’s and other hot drinks including a hot chocolate!

So here is my new favourite hot chocolate recipe that I thought I would share with you – so so simple I almost don’t think I should put it out, but so tasty it would be silly not too! Please head to TkMaxx to find these syrups as they had a huge selection.

What you need – 

  • Milk
  • Hot Chocolate ( I chose maltesers because they’re my fave!)
  • Iced Cinnamon Roll Syrup
  • Double cream
  • vanilla essence
  • mini marshmallows
  • Grated chocolate

I know lots make up hot chocolate with hot water, but milk is 100% the way forward for a creamier tastier hot chocolate (in my opinion.) I like to heat the milk in a saucepan over the hob for a even heat and one that doesn’t burn your tongue instantly.

I mixed in my hot chocolate making sure to get rid of any lumps, and I added two cap fulls of the syrup. Literally the smell of this stuff is unreal, and I need to figure out what else I can use it in!

I whipped up some double cream, I liked the idea of double cream more than whipped cream, and I added a small cap of vanilla essence in as I’m a big sweet tooth! I popped some mini marshmallows into the hot chocolate to let them melt a little before adding the cream on top. I added a few more marshmallows and grated a small amount of milk chocolate on top for decoration and voila the perfect autumn/winter drink! So delish and so comforting, especially whilst cosying up on the sofa in the middle of a film marathon whilst it’s pouring of rain. Ahh perfect!


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