Hunting for Autumn

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This post is heavily inspired and influenced by my friend and fellow blogger Jaye (her blog is just beautiful so please click the link because she truly is just wonderful.) Jaye created a hashtag called #huntingforautumn for everyone to share their autumnal pictures and find that little autumn touch in each day – along with a newsletter each month with some gorgeous imagery so I really would recommend checking her out! Anyway, Autumn is my favourite month anyway so I though I’d do a little post dedicated to some of favourite pictures I have taken in the past couple of months.

There is something so beautiful and calming going on a beach walk with the sun setting. This autumn has seen lots of beach walks now that we of course have our gorgeous Luna. If you don’t know we bought our beautiful maltipoo puppy at the beginning of September – so it has made us get out more and I’ve fully appreciated everything we live near has on offer.

Hunting for autumn for me is finding those little touches that make me smile and look forward to the next few months – wether it’s the golden leaf that’s just started falling from the trees, wrapping up in your loose knit jumper or burning your favourite pumpkin spiced candle.

Autumn is the time of year I feel most inspired to fulfil my goals with work life and personal. I feel more motivated to go out and work hard for what I want and more inspired with my blog content.

It’s the Time I feel more creative and more eager to try new things, but it’s equally the time of year I enjoy staying in with my family and enjoying our time cuddled up on the sofa watching films with hot chocolate or with Pete trying to teach both J and I how to play chess whilst the rain is tapping away at the windows.

I have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in Blogtober and with 4 posts to go I am confident that I will finish it successfully. I hope you’ve enjoyed a peak into my autumn with my posts this month, I know I’ve enjoyed creating them.

What things do you most enjoy about Autumn? I’d love to know! X


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