Having a ‘lush’ time with Bournemouth Bloggers

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Over the weekend I headed over to the Lush store in Bournemouth for a Bournemouth Bloggers event! I went to one in October and bloody loved it! (You can read about it Here!) And as a HUGE Lush fan and after how much fun last time was I jumped at saying yes!

We arrived to being greeted with Prosecco in one of their face mask tubs (clean! Obvs!) If you return 5 of these back to them you can redeem a new face mask from them! Fabulous idea!

We were introduced to the team and as always there were the friendliest bunch ready to give tips, advice and some history of the products!

First up I found myself wandering over to the face masks and cleansers, plus a chance to make our own ‘angels on bare skin’ fresh cleanser. (one I hadn’t tried before but am now obsessed with it!) I say made it, I mainly watched Jaye mixing it and I contributed by sprinkling some lavender in. Now I’ve been using this since Sunday night (it is only Tuesday) but I am already loving it, it has made my skin feel so smooth and soft. It was very interesting to hear what goes in it and this recipe was actually an ancient medical recipe with ground almonds, lavender and rose. Having not used their cleansers before, I am now so intrigued to find what else I’ve been missing out on!

The lush store normally smells unreal anyway, but was even better on Sunday, with arm massages being carried out with some massage bars and some demo’s of their new Easter and Mother’s Day ranges!

So what’s in store? Well for Easter they have the CUTEST dragons egg! This is the ‘brontosaurus fun egg’ ah ma gad I cant cope with how cute! My son would absolutely LOVE this, and to be honest so would I! You can two baths out of it if you want it to last longer (which I probably would as it’s at the slightly pricier £8 mark, but is huge so worth the money!) it has popping candy in, yep and has a gorgeous grapefruit smell and honestly just looks very pretty when fizzing. Plus you get a little ‘fun’ dinosaur which you can crumble for bubbles or give to your little one in the bath to create different shapes with!

Another firm favourite of mine is ‘incredible mum’ from the Mother’s Day collection! It comes with a cape (because mums are superheroes of course!) Bergamot, ylang ylang oils and a splash of orange flower and it’s just the perfect gift or why not just treat yourself to it, I’m tempted too!

We also had the chance to make a bath bomb, one that happens to be one of my favourites (and I think the first from lush I ever purchased) the ‘sex bomb’ bath bomb! Whenever I see the girls making them, I always think how easy they make it look and then I go to do it! You add the rose to the bottom, fill it nearly half way with the purple powder then pile the pink on top. (I’ve definitely not got the professional terms on how to make a bath bomb but hopefully you get the gist!) I cannot wait to use this!

I may have also made a couple of purchases including unicorn horn, again swayed by Jaye as she bought three!! And I fell in love with the ‘goddess’ bath bomb which was inspired by Ariana grande’s god is a woman music video! It’s beautiful, glittery and purple – what more could you want!

A huge thank you to Lush for having me and the Bournemouth Bloggers. I love everything about Lush and what they stand for! I hope you’ve enjoyed this insight into one of the Bournemouth Bloggers events and catch you again on Friday for another post!

– Liz Lucy –

*we were invited along to lush for a press event in return for a blog post. They gifted me the products I made, and I purchased the other two with my own money. All thoughts, opinions and photos are my own!


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