Happy Halloween

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And I’ve done it! My last Blogtober post! I’ve done it and so happy (partially happy it’s over, because 31 posts is a lot to do consecutively!)

So today is Halloween, so i thought why not share my Halloween with you for my last post!

I started with a day at work – I had popped in the night before and added some decorations, I got everyone to dress up / have some kind of accessory and I did a Halloween quiz at lunch time! It was such a good day, and had multiple people walk into the office to see the grim reaper and pennywise stood there was very entertaining!

After school I took J to his friends house for a little Halloween party, they danced, carved pumpkins, ate hot dogs and did a little trick or treating! He had the best time! And how bloody cute does he look as a pumpkin!

J had so much fun trick or treating with his friends we decided to grab Luna and daddy and go up our road too, he also got to give some sweets out at ours which is a first for us as normally no one comes into our close! So that was very exciting for us.

We wondered a little bit and now he is tucked up in bed ready for school tomorrow. I’m cooking dinner and actually looking forward to not planning constant content right now. As I’ve said before I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Blogtober, but 31 posts is a lot! I’m going to try and become a bit more regular with my posts in future though and stick to a schedule and who knows what could happen come December!

Thanks for reading, and that’s me signing out for Blogtober 2018! Happy Halloween everyone! X


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