Halloween Punch

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If you’re up to date on my Blogtober posts you will know we like to hold a big Halloween party each year, and for each party I like to create cocktails and punch both alcoholic and non alcoholic for any drivers that want something a little tastier than a coke.

Here I’ve created something that not only tastes good but looks the part too!

For the none alcoholic version – I poured a carton of apple juice in and a bottle of lemonade. Also add ice to keep it cool, I then added some skinny syrup lemon and raspberry (which I bought in TkMaxx the other week!) and added some green food colouring and stir altogether Easy peasy, and you’ve got a delightfully sweet tasting witches brew!

Now if you want to make it boozy the world is literally your oyster – personally I would add some peach schnapps, vodka and or coconut rum – I find those three go well together when making a large punch like this!

However Pete suggested a spiced rum would also go nicely too & make it a little less sweet.

I added a garnish on the glass too but as it’s Halloween I thought instead of a lime wedge an eyeball sweet would be more fitting, and it will look fab when you’re doing those cheers boomerangs for insta!

I also added some spiderwebs to dress it all and tie it into the Halloween theme, plus some candles, but could use pumpkins or led candles if you don’t fancy a real flame. I would also suggest some things to go in the punch, you could use flashing light ice cubes or light up plastic eyeballs or gummy sweets in the shape of worms.

Just a few suggestions – and hope you enjoyed this post! This is definitely one I’ll be making for our party!



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