Halloween party 2018

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If you’ve been following my Blogtober posts or my Instagram you will know how excited I’ve been for our annual Halloween party! We love a party and I thought I’d share with you some pictures of our decorations and how we set the party up!

Let’s start with the front door which you will have seen in this post . The first bit your guests will see before entering the party so why not add some decorations! Just be sure to make sure you have waterproof decorations out incase the weather turns!

Then as you walk in you have our hallway, we borrowed some lights from my dad which I loved the finish look! They changed from green to blue to red we also had a motion sensor clown when the door opened.

I also lined the stairs and ceiling with spiderwebs and our giant spider!

Next the kitchen – our bar area – I wanted it to feel like a bar so we had some more lighting – lots of dispensers filled with cocktails and our cocktail menu letterboard. (Home bargains at £5.99 – BARGAIN!)

We also had plenty of sweets & snacks dotted round the house!

Then we had our head that we’ve had a few years leading us into the lounge.

Then brings our snack room decked out with cobwebs, skeletons & skulls.

I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing how we decorated for our party! We had so much fun, here’s a few more pictures of us enjoying the night!

See you tomorrow for another post!

(I couldn’t resist the last picture! Hahaha!)


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