Halloween Makeup – Pumpkin!

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The pumpkin pictures are starting to come in on Instagram and I am loving it! I love a pumpkin picking picture, and I thought I’d share mine – except I think mine may be a little different. I’m a huge fan of Halloween makeup so thought I’d do a little twist to my pumpkin field pictures.

This makeup is perfect for a last minute Halloween party and looks like you’ve made lots of effort. All you need is some black and orange face paint a black liquid eyeliner and some brown and orange eye shadows.

Start with a your eyeliner and map out the black line going down your face and then apply orange face paint over one half of your face. I then mapped out the eye, nose and mouth with eyeliner. This is where you can be as creative as you like, with shapes like a jack-o-lantern or a bit creepier, the mouth shape I’ve done is slightly more jagged, but the world is your oyster! Then fill in with black face paint!

I blended in the first black line down the centre of my face with a browny-orange eye shadow, and created lines down my face with the small colour adding a little black eye shadow.

Make up the other side of your face however you please, I went with the pumpkin theme and did orange and brown eye shadows, a winged liner and a little contour.

Add the cracks to your face with a liquid eyeliner and you are good to go! So simple and so effective for a fancy dress party!

A big thank you to my mum for helping me with these photos – and for Sopley farm for allowing us to take photo’s in one of their back pumpkin fields where it was just us (I didn’t want to scare anyone! ha ha!)

I love doing photos like this, a bringing a little more excitement for Halloween! Now to properly go pumpkin picking with the heavy makeup!

Hope you’ve enjoyed this post, I had so much fun doing the photos and hopefully you’ve got some inspiration for this Halloween!






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