Game night with Big Potato Games

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I don’t know about you but Christmas for my family is as much about games as it is about eating and exchanging presents! We love a good game, and for a few years we stayed with the old faithful games – the cereal box game and the after eight on your face! Ha ha like I say classics! But this year we branched out and tried some new games out.

Big potato games are a company I’m relatively new too but after trying two of their games out I am 100% convinced with how brilliant they are. Before I get into it I’ll pop it out there now, one of the games I bought myself and one I got gifted with the purpose to talk about in a blog post. There will be a * when it’s spoken about so we are fully clear but as always all thought and opinions are all my own!

Anyway – let’s dive back into the games!

Weird things humans search for –

This is the first game I bought from big potato games and the first time I tried it out was with my family, and it was a huge success! The idea of the game is to guess the top searches of what people have been googling after being given a prompt, the team with the most points at the end win – simple and SO fun! Plus it’s fairly family friendly, so the kids even got involved with a couple of rounds!

We had lots of laughs playing this, and we played it again with a group of our friends, and the great thing is there are so many cards it’s still new to us and we didn’t know the answers. Would 100% recommend! Top scores for simplicity and fun!

Obama llama 2 * –

Now this was a game I had heard about before and one that I couldn’t wait to try out! When reading through the rules of the games, it did seem like a lot to remember but once you get going it’s very easy and brought some real belly laughs! This we played both on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, and was loved by all. My sister has even asked to borrow it to play along with her friends too!

The aim of the game is to rhyme which my mum kept forgetting when playing. They are different sections to the game – divide yourselves into two teams, roll the dice and depending on the colour pick a card. It is then your job to describe or act out the rhyme within 30 seconds, and see how many your team gets correct.

Our favourite rounds were definitely the acting round, and a personal favourite was my mum attempting a body slam in an attempt for us to guess her card! Brilliant!

For every 3 points you get correctly, you get to flip over two of the rhyming cards, a bit like a memory game as you need to remember who has flipped over what in order to find the correct pair.

A truly brilliant game, and by far one of the best we have played – the only critique my family had were they wished you could buy expansion packs so they could play over and over again, as there is only a certain amount of times you can play before you go over the same cards again, and would know the answers, other than that I would absolutely recommend buying this game. It was such a great way to finish off our Christmas Day!

*a huge thank you to big potato games for sending me one of these games for a blog post. I did receive it for free but as always my thoughts and opinions are my own!


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