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Hello there, long time no speak! It’s been a while since I’ve written anything and truth be told I’ve had a bit of an unintentional social media detox. I felt like I needed to step away and re focus myself, and I feel like I have done and it’s actually been lovely focusing on my family and enjoying life out of those Instagram squares. I started putting pressure on myself to post on Insta everyday – and for who? I started writing and taking photos 9 years ago because I loved it, and as much as I still do that, it also became trying to fit in with all the other lifestyle/beauty/food bloggers out there – which when you’re in that mind frame is tough competition and you’re forever comparing yourself to everyone else.

So, after a nice break away I feel happier and more keen to create content that I love! So here’s a little bit about me and what you can see coming up on Elizabeth Lucy.

I LOVE to host, from parties, bbq’s to cheese and wine – you name it. Family is my absolute number one and I love our days out together, camping trips and summer festivals! Special effects makeup is still one of my favourite things to create, and of course FOOD! Food will always be a big part of my blog, as its a big part of us, we are huge foodies and It’s a fave of mine to photograph! So that’s me, I don’t want to fit in with the crowds, I’m going to write because I love it, and I’m already feeling excited for what’s to come in the next couple of months.

Until next time x


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