Festive tipples

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Now if you know me at all you’ll know I love a cocktail and I love Christmas so why not put the two together and have a great time! Wether you’re having a Christmas get to gather, a few bev’s on Christmas Day or having a New Years party, these drinks will be perfect for all!

So here are a few festive tipples I thought I’d share with you!

The sparkler

Easy, pretty and delish! Choose your favourite bubbles – Prosecco or champagne and then carefully pour a very small amount of grenadine into your glass. As the grenadine is heavier than the champagne it should sink to the bottom and make a pretty two tone drink! Now time to go extra – I added a little bit of Christmas tree just because well why not,( I washed it thoroughly first!!) you could also sugar the rim of the glass with crushed candy canes and / or add some shimmer! Beautiful!

The poinsettia

Named the poinsettia for its colour of course, and another Prosecco cocktail for those fizz lovers! This is again another easy to make, and perfect if you’ve already had a couple! A splash of vodka, add some bubbles and then top of with cranberry juice. Yum!

Christmas Cosmo

If you’re a sex in the city fan or just love a cosmopolitan this is the cocktail for you! And can I just say this is my favourite of the three! Again I’m not good with measures so it’s all depending on how strong you like it. I poured a little vodka, and then added some triple sec, and again topped it off with cranberry juice!

I hope this has given you some drink ideas if you’re having a party, or just fancy a festive tipple – enjoy! X


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