Circus Zyair

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Last week, Pete came home with some tickets to the circus. I have never been to a circus before, so had no clue whatsoever to expect, but I was excited none the less.

We arrived to music blaring, the smell of popcorn and candyfloss in the air, excited children with their spinning lights, and a loud hum of chatter among the crowds, everyone looking forward to whats ahead of us.

We were introduced to several different people with so many different talents, but one that really stuck out was the ringleader/clown. He had everyone in fits of laughter, constantly blowing his whistle and dancing around, picking people out of the audience to do silly tasks. At one point he handed three people umbrellas, and then got his water gun out and proceeded to soak the audience (One of J’s favourite moments!) I think its a fantastic talent being able to make people belly laugh without actually saying anything, and what a great way to get everyone excited for the acts, or to distract whilst the equipment was being changed between.

The show its self was done amazingly, I loved being taken away from everyday life for a few hours, and feeling totally immersed in this wonderful performance.

Everyone was in awe in just the first few seconds, when people were being balanced on their heads and heading up a ladder. My heart was in my mouth the entire time, and I can’t get over the strength these people have! Truly incredible!

The lights and music also created a great atmosphere throughout and in-between performances, as well as the occasional bursts of fire.

One of my favourites, were the areal performances. They were mesmerizing and beautiful and of course having the Greatest showman soundtrack to one of the routines was a great hit in my book!

One of the girls swinging from the rope made me forever hold my breath with her tricks, flying around the top of the tent looking effortless.

The Finale of the show was unbelievable! 4 motor bikes going round and upside in one little ball. A true wow moment, especially when one of the participants was only (i think) 10.

Circus Zyair is currently in Christchurch, where it stays until Sunday 3rd, and then will be moving on to their next location. You can find dates on their website , I would thoroughly recommend going it’s excellent fun for both children and adults, and a wonderful performance from everyone. I came out grinning from ear to ear and just had the best afternoon. We will definitely be visiting again next time they are in town.

If you’re looking for a high energy, full of surprises, comedic and breathtaking afternoon or evening – this is the one for you!

I’m going to finish speaking here and finish off with some pictures, giving you an insight as to what to expect from their 2018 show!

All thoughts, opinions and pictures are my own. We purchased tickets with our own money, and I just loved the show so much I decided to write a post!



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