Cider tasting at The Stable

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A couple of weeks ago I was very kindly invited down to the Stable in Bournemouth to celebrate Vegan month and take part in a cider tasting. I had never been down to the stable, but had heard great things so couldn’t wait to go.

I was allowed to invite a plus one which was very exciting, so I took along my husband who loves his cider!

We were shown to the upstairs of the Stable, which had its own bar and plenty of seating, and were straight away offered a hot mulled cider! Yum, it was so tasty, i have never had mulled cider before but it could definitely be a new Christmas favourite!

We were then seated to begin our cider tasting where we met the lovely Beth who was our cider master for the night. We had a total of ten different ciders to taste which were all really delicious minus one, which was to show what cider tastes like when its off. It was really bad, ha ha but the others made up for it. Beth was so friendly and very knowledgeable about the different ciders, Thank you Beth, you really made the night informative yet fun and laid back. I definitely preferred the sweeter fruity ciders, however i  did enjoy all of them, and I had such a wonderful night with some other local bloggers, Louise, Emma and Ewelina.

Midway through the tasting, we were brought out some incredible looking vegan pizzas. Now not being vegan myself, its not something I would necessarily choose off of the menu, however they were incredible, with a thin crispy base and the cheese was so tasty, as well as the huge variety of ingredients on top, I didn’t feel like I was missing out at all.

Following the pizzas, we were also given vegan brownies to try, they were lovely but very rich.

I had such a great evening, and Pete’s already talking about going back for another cider tasting with some of our friends, and I cannot wait to try some more of their pizzas!

I couldn’t recommend the stable enough, and if you’re not local, you’re in luck as they have multiple restaurants, so go on over and have a look!

The Stable

Thank you so much again for invitation!

*I was kindly invited down, however all thoughts are my own, and I wasn’t asked to write a blog post.


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