DIY Christmas wreath

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This is the first year I have actually made our door wreath. Every year I say let’s make a wreath this year it’ll be fun, and every year we never do! This year, after doing a school run with Jacob and walking Luna we decided to venture into a little wooded area near our house and picked some bits for our wreath!

We snipped some pine branches off, some holly and picked a few pine cones of the floor.

I bought a wire frame off of eBay and got to work, I started by tying the first layer of pine branches down, bending them around the frame, and then the 2nd layer to fill it out and make sure there was no gaps!

I as always am disorganised and never have the right things so after trying and failing with super glue I nipped to b and q and grabbed the first glue gun I saw (glue gun is a must, it’s not going to work otherwise so don’t even attempt super glue like I did!) using the glue gun I added some more greenery and then a few bits of Holly.

I found some baubles and cinnamon on sticks at my local supermarket to add to a flower bouquet, instead I broke the sticks off and glued them on to my wreath.

As you can see I didn’t really have a pattern or an idea in mind, I just glued till my hearts content, and I’m pretty happy with how it turned out and it looks cute on my front door!

Why not add some glittery bows, or some fairy lights to add a little sparkle for when it starts getting dark, or go simple and just have greenery! Whatever you choose you can go wrong, there are no rules! Hope you enjoyed a little snippet into my arts and craft evening! Let me know if you make your wreath each year, and what you put on it?


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