Christmas Came Early

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Now its so close to December, I feel safe to post this now everyone else in the world is beginning to feel festive. My family decided to throw a pre Christmas near the beginning of November.

My brother in law is in the air force, & unfortunately will not be here for Christmas, so we decided to move Christmas so we could celebrate with him, and poor Jamie had no idea what he was about to walk into.

We had decorated the conservatory with hundreds of paper chains, twinkly lights, and of course a  Christmas tree. We organised a secret Santa and had a huge roast dinner. It was so good. The dress code was of course Christmas jumpers & we had such a wonderful day.

It was actually so fun going around the shops looking for decorations and presents as there wasn’t a mad rush and zero pressure. It made for a very stress-free Christmas day!

I thought I would share a few pictures, and a video I took of the day to get you in the festive mood if you’re not quite there yet. I am now really excited to put decorations up in our own house! Bring on December!



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