Christchurch Food Festival

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The Christchurch food festival has become such a huge event and rightly so, they up the amount of food stalls each year, there are cooking demonstrations, rides for the kids, bars and a pimms bus. plus so much more!

This year it was held on the 6th and 7th of may, which is today and yesterday. We decided to head down yesterday and joined the thousands of people that also fancied it. The festival was packed, & for someone that gets quite claustrophobic its quite a struggle down there, but we went nevertheless and did have a great time.

We love to mooch all the stalls before deciding on a place to eat, there were lots of tasters this year which was a bonus, and we  tried the best sausages from Giggly pig. They had a huge assortment and most were available to try, from hog roast, marmite, chunky bacon and some spicy sausages for those who like a bit of heat.

First purchase however was for J, who had his eyes set on some homemade biscuits which looked amazing, and he munched that down within seconds!

They were so many wonderful smells coming from every direction it was hard to pick. They had Thai food, cupcakes, paella, duck rolls, hog roast, bratwursts. There were pickles, garlic’s, and balsamic vinegar’s (they had a rose and an apple balsamic that were heavenly!) To drink there were pimms, sangria, ciders, ales, prosecco, gin and tonics, cocktails and even flavoured coconut waters on the quay out of coconuts! And thats only a bit of it, there was a food stall for everyone!

The ones that caught our eyes were the retro sweets flavoured vodkas, our friend Chris bought the cola cube vodka to try, and it tasted great. such a strong flavour of the sweets! they had so many other choices too, marshmallow, bubblegum, skittles and loads more.

Whilst the boys were queuing to get some cider, i found myself at the paella and sangria stall! The paella smelt incredible, but decided on just getting a glass of sangria, and it was lovely and had a generous amount!

Pete and Jacob then found some gorgeous looking cupcakes! Pete decided on the black forest and Jacob had the vanilla! We decided to take those to the quay. I also bought a bratwurst hot dog and took that. And as per usual it was so tasty, with a bit of curried ketchup and some chips! Delish!

This Photo cracks me up so much, its such a ok fine i’ll smile mum but i really want to eat my cake face!

We moved from the highstreet to the quay where there were even more stalls, some fairground rides, some car sellers, a band and some cooking demonstrations!

After having a good mooch and so much drooling over all the tasty food we headed back to the car via the river for a nice scenic walk. I absolutely adore walking around Christchurch, its beautiful has lots of lovely shops, places to eat and lots of scenery to look at!

We passed a cute ice cream place on the way back so not wanting to miss out I picked a mint choc chip ice cream along with a lemon meringue for Chris and a nobbly bobbly for J.

Such a wonderful weekend, and would definitely recommend it if you fancy a weekend of food & drink!


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