Chillistick Halloween Fog Pack

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You may have noticed in yesterday’s post some spooky fog creeping in the background of my pictures and that is all to do with Chillistick. They very kindly sent me their Halloween fog pack to try out for myself and let you know what I thought of it!

Firstly Chillistick have a very quick delivery and my parcel of goodies came the very next day. Now the dry ice comes in a special cooling box but it’s need using before 48 hours is up – so bare that in mind when ordering!

I had never used dry ice before, and was a little nervous as you’re not meant to let it touch your skin but their kit came ready with an instruction booklet and a pair of gloves to ensure you’re using it safely.

So what do you get in the Halloween fog pack? You choose either 4kg or 8kg of dry ice – to double your amount to 8kg it will cost you £10 more. You also get a cauldren, drinks jug, witches pail, a pumpkin effect container (pop in your carved pumpkin to get the fog coming out), 3 ice cages, 1 funnel, a pair of gloves and instructions to be able to use the ice safely.

It was pretty straight forward once we’d read through the booklet – once putting on your gloves pop some dry ice into the ice cage and you pop that into some hot water ( they recommend the heat of a cup of tea) Dependant on how much fog you’d like depends on how much Ice to use. We used more to create the billowing fog effect and found it worked so well.

Now don’t get me wrong I love the whole pack – but think the price is a little steep and the cauldron and bucket are quite plastic-y and flimsy feeling – but that is my only qualm. You do get a lot of dry ice which I found out is quite expensive to buy in general so I understand that is a lot of the cost.

I think the skull jug looks really cool, and I love that there’s now a safe way to put dry ice in and have a cocktail in there. The Fog bucket (Witches Pail) like I said is quite flimsy especially the pumpkin lid it comes with – but think it looks brilliant with all the fog tumbling out – this is designed to be put on the floor or the stairs to create an eery scene – and the lid is to stop little hands dipping in and hurting themselves.

Overall I am really impressed with this set, and think dry ice is such a brilliant way to add something extra to your Halloween party. If you fancy taking a look you can buy it here!

Huge thank you to Chillistick – and head over to their site for lots of other products including their Halloween drinks pack and their famous chilli sticks ( hense their name!)


  • Chillistick very kindly gifted me their Halloween fog pack free of charge for the purpose of this review. However all thought and opinions as always are my own!


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