Chewton Bunny – Highcliffe

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One of my absolute favourite places to go when i’m stressed, having a bad day or just fancy a relaxed walk is Chewton Bunny in Highcliffe. Its part of the Chewton Glen hotel beach walk, but you can also access it without staying at the hotel.

Pete used to explore around here as a kid, & as i didn’t grow up in the same village, i’m now getting to find all these new places that i never knew existed now that I live in Highcliffe, this being my favourite by far.

You may also recognise it from Zoe & Alfie’s Vlogs, if you follow their youtube videos, they often go on this walk when staying at the Chewton Glen hotel, which happens to be 5 minutes away from my house.

I love walking through the forest and along the stream, its incredibly peaceful, and i rarely see anyone else. J loves throwing sticks in and watching them being taken down the river, as well as jumping in the water of course. Perfect excuse for wellie boots!

You follow the river round until you get to a clearing and can see the sea. I feel so incredibly lucky to live here, and am so happy J gets to grow up here and have this on his doorstep.

The beach is definitely my happy place, i could stay here for hours snapping away on my camera. I went down with Pete and J after 2 night shifts, feeling tired and groggy and it immediately lifted my mood. The water was so calm and we got the perfect view of the isle of wight and the needles!

Do you have a happy place? Where do you like to go and it instantly lifts your mood?


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