Centre VR Experience

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Two weeks ago I was invited down to Centre VR which is situated opposite Miller and Carter in Bh2 Leisure, I was excited to see what it was all about being a complete virtual reality beginner, I was nervous and had no idea what to expect.

We were greeted and welcomed in, and told a little about what to expect when playing our first game ‘Tower tag’. Centre VR has 6 headsets hanging from the ceiling along with a laser gun each and vest. I thought i’d feel a little claustrophobic with the headsets on, but actually you forget it’s on. They’re not heavy or uncomfortable and you get so into the game, it’s not something you think about.

 Tower tag reminded me a little of quasar/lazer quest – you have to shoot the players on the other team to win points, but you are (as the name of the game suggests) on towers, and using your guns you can move from tower to tower and to find the other players. It is unbelievable how quickly you adjust to this different world, and I believed I was high up on a tower. Quite scary actually!! I definitely got slightly better as the games went on, and I understood it a bit more. Such a fun game that I would recommend to all.

We were also able to try a few other games, including flying a plane, exploring the titanic, whale watching and walking a plank off the top of a building. I wasn’t prepared for actually how real it was going to feel – Once the headgear was on I was transformed into a different world. So much so I couldn’t even walk to the end of the plank, it completely took my breath away, and even though I knew my feet were placed firmly on the floor, I was unable to get me head around it.

Everyone got fully involved and we all agreed how much fun we had! Centre VR is perfect to head down with a couple of friends for a few hours and escape from your everyday and I’m sure your competitive side will come out as it did with us.

Centre VR is also opening another in Bournemouth at the end of the year which will have a lot more headsets available, as well as one in West quay Southampton.

Me not being a gamer what so ever, has totally been blown away by the VR experience, and can’t wait to come back again to try it out with my family.

Thank you so much to Centre VR for having us and letting us experience something so new to us, and something so fun! Also as always thank you to Emma who runs Bournemouth Bloggers too for organising!

I also vlogged our experience playing tower tag which you can find here on my youtube. I think you’ll be able to see for yourself how much fun we had. I would definitely recommend going, even if you have never dabbled in gaming or virtual reality before.


*We were invited down to Centre VR for a complimentary visit for the purpose of a review. However as always all thought and opinions are all my own!




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