Rainy Day Duvet Day

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1,868 total views, 6 views today Now i’m fully aware that this bank holiday in the UK has been unbelievable hot (Minus the thunderstorm we had last night!) BUT we live in the UK, so rainy weather is VERY common and sometimes its hard to think of things to do when you’re…

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3,044 total views, 3 views today My heart breaks to say I’ve miscarried.  Last year started amazingly we bought our first house, got Jacob into the school we wanted and were just enjoying life. We always had plans to give J a sibling, but it had never been a good time until…

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Kids Christmas Party Look – La Coqueta

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2,362 total views, 3 views today Can you believe how close we are to Christmas!? I can barely control my excitement and I am loving all the Christmas parties and get-togethers that happen in December. We are also hosting a small mulled wine & mince pie afternoon at ours next weekend which…

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A few things being a mum has taught me.

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1,804 total views, 3 views today It honestly feels like yesterday i was in hospital with my tiny new born and now i have this huge four year old. Time flies so quickly when you have kids, & you have to cherish every single day. I’ve learnt so many things from being…

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