The winter tag

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3,163 total views, 4 views today So this is the point I got to last year and finishing Blogmas early, and it’s because this coming week is so busy I have my sons and husbands birthday – so this week to carry Blogmas on I’ll be incorporating a few birthday related posts…

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Hunting for Autumn

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1,736 total views, 16 views today This post is heavily inspired and influenced by my friend and fellow blogger Jaye (her blog is just beautiful so please click the link because she truly is just wonderful.) Jaye created a hashtag called #huntingforautumn for everyone to share their autumnal pictures and find that…

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‘Blogger Friends’

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1,960 total views, 12 views today This post is heavily dedicated to my ‘blogging bezzie’ Harrison as well as all the other lovelies I have to come to know and love. First off, lets just put this out there that today is the last day Harrison will be in the UK for a…

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I’m ready to own 26!

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1,141 total views, no views today So here I am cuddled up on my sofa ready for the love island final (don’t judge me!) at the new age of 26. I celebrated my birthday yesterday ( I began celebrating a week early, so didn’t particularly feel any different, but when do…

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Why I fell in love with blogging

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1,855 total views, 4 views today I have now been blogging for about 2 years and even though I don’t always post on my schedule, I still love it now as much as I did then (If not more!) Here’s why…   I love writing! Probably the most obvious reason. English was…

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