We’re pregnant! The first trimester!

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1,742 total views, 3 views today Hi there if you haven’t guessed from the title of this post, weren’t already in the know or follow me on social media then surprise I’m pregnant! I have now reached the second trimester and thought it would be a nice way to document this pregnancy!…

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Finding my corner on the internet

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1,938 total views, 3 views today Hello there, long time no speak! It’s been a while since I’ve written anything and truth be told I’ve had a bit of an unintentional social media detox. I felt like I needed to step away and re focus myself, and I feel like I have…

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Adding a little spring into my step

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2,174 total views, 6 views today We’re here it’s officially spring, and apart from today the weather has been absolutely glorious! Spring and autumn are my favourite seasons, I love the transitions and the colour changes everywhere. So I thought I’d share with you a few things I’ve been doing to help…

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My ‘tbr’ list

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2,607 total views, no views today So we are in the midst of January now, Christmas feels like a lifetime ago and I’m still feeling pretty happy with the goals I’ve made for this year (if you missed what they were you can see them here.) One of those were to…

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My 2019 Goals

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2,453 total views, 3 views today Hello and happy new year everyone and welcome to my first post of 2019. I Hope you had a brilliant Christmas and new year, I’m not going to lie going back to work this week has been a bit of a shock to the system after…

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