Hunting for Autumn

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2,216 total views, 8 views today This post is heavily inspired and influenced by my friend and fellow blogger Jaye (her blog is just beautiful so please click the link because she truly is just wonderful.) Jaye created a hashtag called #huntingforautumn for everyone to share their autumnal pictures and find that…

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Outdoor Halloween Decor

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2,423 total views, 8 views today Now our party is looming, I have started Halloween decorating, and first stop the front door – the first thing people see so why not dress it up! I think the cobweb packs you get are so effective if you want to decorate a large space.…

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The Halloween tag

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2,340 total views, 4 views today We are now less than a week away from Halloween! So exciting, and October is passing SO quickly! Today I thought I would do a tag post, and I found this one so here goes … 1. Favourite horror or Halloween-themed song? I love the ghostbusters…

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Subtle Halloween decor

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2,634 total views, 8 views today Now I know not everyone celebrates Halloween or decorates (that is wild to me haha!) but I thought I’d show how you can decorate for Halloween without being too over the top! This is how we usually decorate for October and then we go over the…

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Bonfire night

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3,042 total views, no views today How quickly is October flying by and next weekend it’ll be bonfire night weekend, hence this post! I love bonfire night – although I remember going to my parents friends house for bonfire night for huge firework displays when I was little and holding my…

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