Brunch at The Paddle – Highcliffe

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Brunch is definitely my favourite meal to go out and eat, especially when I find a gem of a place. I discovered the Paddle last January when we moved literally two minutes down the road, and my god it is AMAZING! Now, you can go there for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner but somehow we’ve only been for brunch, but have been multiple times! Its located in Highcliffe, which is fairly tucked away – but definitely worth trying!


Everything is presented beautifully, and they bring your menu’s out on paddles to match the name. I found it hard to pick a drink as there was so much choice, from juices, smoothies, coffees, tons of different teas and milkshakes! My personal favourite being the paddle-colada. Their take on a virgin pina colada smoothie! So yum!

I am a HUGE fan of pancakes, especially bacon pancakes so I was thrilled to find them on the menu, they are some of the fluffiest pancakes I have ever tasted. They also offer smaller bites, like poached eggs on toast, toasted bloomer bread & avocado on toast! Or if you like the whole sha-bang, I would highly recommend the ultimate paddle. Which is a full English breakfast – including their delicious homemade baked beans.

Not only is the food heavenly, the decor of the paddle is beautiful, and very instagrammable. 😉

As you can tell i’m a big fan, and its very handy that it takes me two minutes to walk here.

As a big brunch lover, I’ve also decided to do a bit of a brunch series of places we have discovered and love!

Hope you enjoyed the first, and definitely take the time to visit!




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