Brickosaurs at Marwell Zoo *

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*This post contains gifted tickets for a review purpose.

I have been going to Marwell Zoo for as long as I can remember, since becoming a mum we’ve taken J a handful of times, and he’s also been on a school trip there – so it’s safe to say we’re all fairly familiar and a plus being it’s only a 40 minute drive from home.

We headed there over the weekend to check out their Brickosaurs event and I was blown away with how brilliant it is! This is Marwell’s biggest event to date with 50 incredible life like lego brick dinosaurs dotted around their park and more than 2 million bricks used to create it all!

There are maps available at the beginning of the Zoo to enable you to tick off each dinosaur you see making sure you don’t miss any on your way around.

It’s hard to believe somebody actually created these, especially as it takes me a good few hours to make one of J’s little lego box’s up – but with each brickosaur stop you get to find out how much it weighs, how many people it took to make them, how long and how many bricks are used! It is amazing to see how many hours went into creating this incredible event!

A definite favourite is the eight metre tyrannosaurus Rex with its young standing proud In front of Marwell House. Each brickosaur is beautifully made with eye catching colours and an excellent way to brush up on your dino-name knowledge!

The Brickosaurs event is on until 1st of September, and I can’t encourage you enough to head down before this is over. It’s a brilliant day – fab to finish the summer holidays off with the kids, and they have a huge base camp where the big and small ones can immerse themselves in a world of lego!

Now let’s talk animals! Marwell is home to more than 140 different species and is laid out in a way you get to take every bit in. Since I’ve last been there has been a few new arrivals including their amazing new tropical house laid out over two floors full of birds and butterflies free to roam and a very cute sloth hanging from the trees just feet from you!

The penguins are always a firm favourite with us and even better they’re the first stop at the Zoo. There are so many different levels to their enclosures where you are able to see not only on the same level as them, but in the penguins case under the water, and in the cheetahs case up high on a wooden walkway.

The lemur walkway was also a new feature since i last visited and a brilliant addition, as you can be up and close with them as they wander down by your feet.

Marwell is truly an excellent day out, so much care and attention has gone into making these animals feel as at home as possible. Plenty to see and do as well as the main attractions including lot of play stops placed around the 140 acre park, picnic stations and hot food areas and if you’d like to pay a little extra a train that takes you around the Zoo to give your feet a little break!

Thank you so much to Marwell Zoo for having us along for the day – it was brilliant turning round corners and not knowing whether it would be a rhino or T-Rex next on the list!

You can find more out here and start planning your next trip! I know I’m already looking forward to going back to see my absolute favourite the red panda, and when we asked J what his favourite part was he struggled to find just the one thing and admitted it was just the best day and he loved everything- so I think that says it all! He is a huge animal lover but the brickosaurs truly made it for him, his excitement rose when he was given the map, and was the constant leader guiding us through not just the animals but all the lego! A definite must. See you next time xo


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