Boozy Bakes

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Today i decided to go for a browse around Lakeland. Lakeland is one of my favourite shops and i always come out excited for future baking with ideas I’ve found. Today i came across different flavoured frostings & something called shot tops, a little pipette to put some booze into your cakes. Cakes & alcohol, whats not to love!?

I followed the bbc good food vanilla cupcake sponge recipe, and doubled it.

220g caster sugar, 220g Butter, 4 eggs, 220g self raising flour & 4 drops of vanilla extract.

And of course i enlisted a very eager and excited helper!

The frostings i picked were cherry & cola, and pina colada & mojito. I also decided to put disaronno for the cherry cupcakes, jack daniels for the cola, apple schnapps for the mojito and a little cocktail for the pina colada ( Peach schnapps, blue curacao & orange juice).

I only did the shot tops in a few so the others are alcohol free and are very tasty! The alcohol ones would be fab for a party. Filling them to the top was quite a lot with the stronger spirits, so would definitely bare that in mind if making them yourself ( or bake bigger cakes!!) But they are great fun and something different! My favourite was the cherry and cola mixed together with the disaronno! yum yum!

Next task – Learn how to pipe the frosting!!



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