Bonfire night

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How quickly is October flying by and next weekend it’ll be bonfire night weekend, hence this post! I love bonfire night – although I remember going to my parents friends house for bonfire night for huge firework displays when I was little and holding my hands over my ears with each bang as I couldn’t stand the noise. So funny the little snippets of memories you remember.

J loves seeing the fireworks, but it’s usually too cold or too loud for him, so we quite like parking our car up with lots of blankets and snacks and watching from the warmth at one of our local displays that goes off over the quay, it is so mesmerising and that’s usually how we like to spend it, however I thought it would be nice for a little extra something to do when you’re back at home. A bonfire night party, either before your firework display or instead of If you’d rather not face the crowds.

Sparklers are the perfect way to start the party – not only are they fun and easy to use but make for great pictures, plus the kids can join in too (if using carefully and safely of course!)

Then of course you’ve got the snacks and drinks, now it’s getting colder and more festive it’s the perfect excuse to make some hot apple cider or mulled wine before walking down to see the firework display. I always associate hot dogs with firework night too so why not have a winter bbq? And of course your toffee apple or chocolate apple for pudding!

So why not gather some friends round to toast some warm drinks, get the fire pit out and roast some marshmallows and light some sparklers to get in the mood! Whatever you end up doing for firework night, stay safe and enjoy!


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