Blogmas day 8 – Are you feeling festive yet?

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I am feeling INCREDIBLY festive now! but I thought I would share a few ideas to get you in the mood if you’re not already!

  1. Go down to your local Christmas market! ( Mine is Bournemouth, and we’re planning to go down next weekend. There’s an ice rink, loads of cute pop up shops and so much food! I’ve also seen some pictures of what looks like the best hot chocolate! Can’t wait!
  2. Such a simple one, but put on some Christmas music, I usually put my playlist on when I’m             driving, it makes me so happy! Especially ‘driving home for Christmas’
  3. Put your decorations up! I absolutely LOVE coming home from work, and switching the Christmas tree lights on. It makes me feel like I’m in my own little winter wonderland!
  4. Christmas Movie night! Pj’s, hot chocs, snack and a christmas film! Perfect evening in.
  5. If you’ve got kids, go and see Father Christmas! My little ones face lit up when we saw the reindeer, he was very shy meeting Santa, but after he’d come out he said how much fun it was!
  6. Go out with your friends for drinks or dinner! Theres nearly always a festive menu, & what better excuse than to catch up with friends & sip on christmas cocktails!
  7. Secret Santa – This ties in with the one above! Arrange it with your friends, and instead of stressing and trying to find pressies for everyone, you have one person to look for and give it thought! Plus then you have an excuse for going round all the Christmas shops!
  8. Throw a Christmas Party – doesn’t have to big, it could just be a couple of your close friends! I love Christmas & throwing parties so it goes hand in hand for me. we’re throwing a mince pie and mulled wine gathering (Note the word gathering & not party 😉 ) I’m already pinteresting how to make mulled wine and beautiful cheese boards!

I hope this will help to inject a little festive into your life!

When do you start feeling Christmassy is it the first when you open your advent calendar? or not until Christmas eve?



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